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Stress comes out different and everyone. I never get cold there anything else either. But I'm confused. I think it's caused by stress but then I think why do babies get it babies can't have stress at such a young age.  But I have had it before when I did not do steroid creams that's why am thinking it's stress.  I got a blood test done and had allergies but nothing extreme they're all very mild allergies.  So I cut those things out and it seem to make a difference I recovered a lot faster than most people my worst is always about 3 1/2 months then it's just mild for maybe a year or so after that. It's gone now from my face it's completely gone and that was the worst I ever had I was in extreme pain and agony.  It's gone now from my face it's completely gone and that was the worst I ever had I was in extreme pain and agony. Never had it on my face before even though I used topical steroid cream on my lip.  Last time I had it on my body only and not my face. Once I had it on my legs only. Those two times was mild but lasted a year. All the best to you and somehow try and keep your stress level down. I have to rest a lot do self hypnosis  and meditate do whatever you can.  Whatever works for you. Probably harder with kids I have no kids and can rest a lot my kids are grown up.  Let me know how it goes .
Hi CleanQueen, my skin is definitely my weak spot, it always has been, never seem to have a cold, sore throat, cough nor bad back. When my body has enough and wants to tell me to stop and rest, it just flares up.

Yesterday I got the results back from the endocrinologist, everything in order, also had a full blood test and again all in order. I've got an appointment with an allergist in a couple of weeks, if that also comes up clean, then I'll be 100% sure its stress related,,, the mind is a powerful thing
Topical Immunosuppressants / Re: Permanent Damage
« Last post by Leeboy80 on May 23, 2017, 02:48:19 PM »

You rock, I'm very glad to hear that your face is starting to do better. I swear, any troubles on the face causes x100 depression and anxiety. So if you think you're the only one who lost their mind because of it you're wrong! Hang in there!

When we are healed of this, I swear, it will be impossible for us to have a bad day! We will  literally NEVER be in a bad mood! It's going to be awesome!
Your Experimental Treatments / trying homeopathy
« Last post by mtem on May 23, 2017, 08:01:30 AM »
One great benefit of TSW is that I have steered away from conventional medicine (and its various harmful side effects) and discovered homeopathy, which is a completely different approach to medicine. I've been using it for over a year and have cured several minor ailments with various remedies. There is a learning curve involved in using homeopathy effectively, so I consider myself still a beginner and will not advise anyone.

The most helpful homeopathic remedies I am using for my TSW are: 1) coffea cruda 200c (strongest potency) or 30c (regular potency)--this really calms down the itch, especially during the night, as it allows me to go back to sleep. I've been using the coffea cruda for over a year and it really helps me a lot. I scratch much less thanks to this remedy.  2) Following the advice of a homeopath, I am taking Camphora 200C three times a day to uproot the harmful TS drugs from my body. I am hopeful that the camphora might shorten my passage through TSW; we shall see! It's hard to tell after just a few weeks of use whether or not this remedy deserves the credit for the gradual improvement I am experiencing. 3) Hepar sulph calc 30c is what I take when the need arises to fight off bacterial infections. It works very well most of the time, although I did still end up taking antibiotics once in the past 21.5 months of TSW.

There are other remedies as well which I have tried, but I cannot say whether or not they helped my TSW symptoms. So I will not list them here.

I should add that I used Niccolum 30X for my nickel allergy, prescribed for me by a naturopath. It worked! Now I am handling nickel keys, faucets and door handles without any rash in those locations. I used to be extremely sensitive to nickel.

Anybody else trying homeopathy for TSW?
Topical Immunosuppressants / Re: Permanent Damage
« Last post by Stinkers on May 23, 2017, 04:13:44 AM »
Hi Bkchu,

I'm sorry to hear you're having a tough time and I'm glad I can encourage you a little. I spent almost a year convinced the damage was permanent. I cried and scratched and hated myself for using protopic against my better judgement and yet it is healing and there are days when it looks like I never used it - no more wrinkles or fissures and damage! It's not linear but there is definitely hope.

I would say the most significant discovery for me was Vitamin D. I live in the UK and don't get much exposure to sunlight. I had chronically low Vit D and once I started supplementing in large quantities (3,000 + UI per day) I saw as rapid improvement in my skin.

What I only recently realised is that anti inflammatory chemicals in the body (steroids) need vitamin D to interact with cells - without it it doesnt matter how much cortisone your body is producing, it wont have an effect! Supplementing Vit D allowed my body to utilise it's natural anti inflammatory response.

I have also found supplementing zinc to be extremely effective. Zinc is necessary for cell growth and repair. When I had flare ups I would itch myself quite badly and end up with micro cuts all over my body, as well as fissures. The body can't store zinc so after these flares there was a large demand for zinc (well above the RDA) which wasn't being met by my diet. By supplementing and eating protein rich food I have managed to go from taking 5 days to heal wounds to healing the same damage in about 2 days.

I'd also like to point out that I totally lost my mind because of protopic. I discovered I was hooked about a year and a half into TSW and it devastated me, I have had therapy and spent countless hours screaming and crying, I've tried anti depressants ect... I've been a train wreck. I know a lot of people project positive images online and it can make us feel worse about ourselves as we say things like 'he's coping, why am I not?', and 'he's healing, why can't I, will I ever get better' and I want people to know that I'm not strong or special, I haven't been able to work through these past three years and I've lost everything in my life. We're all in it super bad and we're all going to get better.
Topical Immunosuppressants / Re: Permanent Damage
« Last post by Bkchu on May 23, 2017, 12:15:03 AM »
That's very encouraging! What have you done or been taking? I am so frustrated with my red face and arms.. not to mention the wrinkly hands like a 90 year old woman
Same thing happened to me. I was clear of TSW for almost 2 years. Then I fell walking the dog on ice and broke my wrist severely. I couldn't work, couldn't drive, couldn't walk the dog, can't do anything with one hand. I was so stressed over not being able to work and having no income it must have triggered a flare and my face blew up. It had to be stress. Was the most stressed I've been in years. So I to think you were right it's stress. I've had it before in my life when I didn't do any topical steroids so it has to be stress. Took me three and a half months to calm myself down. I had to spend a lot of time resting, meditating and doing self hypnosis before I got myself to a point where all the stress was gone. I'm lucky I'm about to retire soI can rest for th remainderof my life and maybe it wont come back.
Carrie223  I've been looking on youtube and found some really good body scan guided meditation videos, trying everything to get my stress levels down. Also been doing crossfit type exercises to get the blood pumping and release stress! All seems to be helping.

I've also been taking some nice organic Kefir with a load of probiotics in it, trying to help the gut out

Georgie.C  I am defiantly addicted to scratching, the feeling of disappointment once I've scratched must be something similar to what a drug addict feels once they have used again, perhaps on a different scale, but I really feel like I have let myself down after scratching! 

I'm back to work tomorrow, so it's time to put this theory to the test
Most General Topics / Re: Red sleeve back after 2 years
« Last post by mirkahirka on May 21, 2017, 07:52:59 PM »
Thanks everyone. I will try to hang on and just take one day at the time. Hopefully won't last too long.

Georgie thanks , I agree 100% that the stress of having a new baby and no sleep makes it 100 times worse. Your kind words mean a lift and knowing others have been there and turned the corner gives me hope. Xxx
Long Term Vets Still in TSW / Re: feet
« Last post by Carrie223 on May 21, 2017, 08:09:51 AM »
Great progress! 
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