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« on: May 04, 2017, 05:05:04 PM »
Anyone/ anyone's kids have bumps like this during their TSW journey? I know that we are not doctors but I've been told my several people that this looks like staph. Trouble is, all the staph infections I've researched involve some sort of boil or pustule and she doesn't have that at all. Also no fever or other symptoms that seem to be common of staph. The bumps are raised like hives almost but they aren't really hives. She will scratch them and then these small scabs form. Ava is 15 months TSW and has had these bumps on her legs and arms (although her arms look considerably better now) for at least 6 months.
We regularly do ACV/baking soda/Dead Sea salt baths. We have also tried garlic baths a couple of times. She's used a homemade lotion throughout her TSW journey, which consists of raw organic Shea butter, homemade calendula oil, lemongrass, tea tree oil, jojoba oil, and zinc oxide... I know that none of those things are the culprit because we have been doing them for so long and the majority of her skin has healed nicely using them.
Wondering if this is a common symptom for others or if she might need a swab in a doctors office?
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1 year of mild steroids used more off than on for my daughter's eczema, then 3 months of consistent chlobetasol use as directed by her allergist. Began Ava's TSW in January 2016 at age 4.

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Re: Bumps
« Reply #1 on: May 04, 2017, 06:21:05 PM »
I really wouldn't want to comment on whether to take the little one to the doctors or not. I don't really think that anyone on the forum should either we aren't doctors (well most of us aren't anyway!) and I think with kids you can never be too careful.

Having said that my skin looks exactly like that. I have loads of little scabs like that on my arms and legs. Mine are caused soley my scratching though. This TSW malarkey is ridicoulsly itchy. I'm actually twitching as I'm writing this as I am so frigging itchy. I'm not sure about bumps though I don't remember them.

It may well be a common sympton, but if you are worried at all take her to the dcotors just to check it out. As I don't aanyone on the forum is going to be able to say one way or another if there is an infection or anything like that so it's not worth the risk.

Whilst we are all here to support each other though the lows and very lows of TSW (there aren't many highs !). A lot of us are going through this whole this on our own with no medical supervision (because no one will listen to us and we can't find anyone who believes in TSW) which is not a great situation to be in. I for one am just flying in the dark with my fingers crossed hoping not to hit anything thing. Hence not at all qualified to guide you one way or another on medical things. But ready and waiting to help anyone through tthe emotional side of things.

Hope the little one gets some relief from this soon.

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Re: Bumps
« Reply #2 on: May 05, 2017, 07:06:58 AM »
I've had bumps exactly like that for the past 6 months.

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Re: Bumps
« Reply #3 on: May 14, 2017, 06:36:30 PM »
My son has looked like that on and off through the whole process. I cant say whether or not it is staph or not, but it is common for most tswers to have staph on the surface of the skin. Those little scabs are pretty common though. I have seen these things come and go so much on my son I have lost count. Its like it starts as dry, then gets wet, then scabs over. The problem with staph is that with all of the ointments and creams we put on the kids its seems like it makes the staph spread even more. I found that when I stopped using the ointments it helped more though. I think because the ointment may be more of a moist environment for the staph to grow.
Parent of 4 Year old. Applied Triamcinolone .1% 2 to 3 times a week for 3 years. Also used Protopic and had prednisone a couple of times. Quit October 2015