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Update on Son and Sensitivities
« on: July 27, 2017, 04:11:56 AM »
We are now 21 months TSW. Since May my son's skin has improved. He no longer gets widespread red burning skin. He mostly deals with itch and dryness on his hands and joint areas such as wrists, ankles, behind knees, and elbows. He also gets a little irritated behind his neck. These areas are starting to look more like normal eczema. All the places in between the joints are completely normal skin and his face is completely clear. Most of the day he does not itch and when he does it is those local areas mentioned above.

We got a sensitivity test back in February that revealed he had severe reaction to gluten and dairy. We eliminated these for 3 months. We then introduced these 1 at a time for 3 days straight. We found that his itch and rash increased for both of these. So we decided to take them out again and try again once he is more healed. This is a good approach to take because these tests can sometimes be unreliable. In other words the only way to no for sure with sensitivities is to do  an elimination diet. The blood test is just a starting point. Although it sucks to remove these from his diet at least we know that it makes symptoms worse for him.

A few other things to mention. He now can handle lotions and asks for them for relief in problem areas. We just use one with colloidal oats. I think it is gold bond eczema. He uses it after showers and on dry areas to help if the itch starts. He could not do lotions at all last year. With it being summer, I think that getting a little sun daily has helped.

My wife and I are both thrilled to see his healthy skin starting to take over. I really hope this continues because the regular eczema is much more manageable than the TSW and burning skin. He has not slowed down and is having a the time of his life just being a kid. 

Thank you ITSAN!!
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Re: Update on Son and Sensitivities
« Reply #1 on: July 27, 2017, 05:29:31 PM »
Congrats! So glad to hear that he is getting better.