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Extremely important article on TSW


Louise UK:
Please print and show your doctors!

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Hi Louise I'm a bit confused by the article. They say those doctors have treated tsw sufferers but how? I thought the only treatment was time. Also they seem to say systemic steroids are a good treatment but what sort? Oral or injectible? And how much and what is the expected result? Should we be asking our GPs for an injection?

Louise UK:
You'd have to ask Dr Fukaya himself for clarification. I think he is quite good at answering people's questions by email. Let us know if you get in touch with him and what his response is. I do agree that this document raises a lot of questions for debate and perhaps challenges our current thinking about TSW.

On a more basic level, I'm just glad it confirms that TSW is real and that we will heal eventually. That's a good starting point.

Brilliant stuff. I  have tapered down from elocon to eumovate in preparation for withdrawal. I have had months of rebound flares but 5 months on my symptoms are better than I was on elocon. My stretch marks are fading and I can show jump my horse without getting a single bruise on my legs (used to be really bad bruising ) pleased to read an article that says reducing can work . Interesting about the oral steroids too.

I have just re-read Dr Rappaports research paper and in it he does not advocate the use of oral steroids. On the contrary, throughout the paper he refers to the effects of corticosteroids which includes topical,oral and shots.  I know we are all grateful to Dr Fukaya for his research and continued support, but I think it is important to consider both theories.
I attach the pdf although its probably available elsewhere on this site.


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