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George B:
I have collected as many "reliable" research articles on the topic as I could. I have found a plethora of free information from scientific studies as well as articles written by MD's. There are other articles listen that are written by Doctors of other fields as well. I would list them here but the list is far too long. If anyone is interested in reading these or printing them off please email me at You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login. Some of the studies are as recent as October 2014!! Thanks everyone

Louise UK:
George, if you email the list to Kelly palace or joey brown they could add them to the itsan home page.

George B:
Hi Louise, Ive sent them the email a few days ago.  I just know it might take time to get them up so I figured I'd offer it to anyone who would like them now :)

Louise UK:
i know you say you have a lot, but please feel free to link the best or newest ones here on the forum. The more resources we have here, the better armed we are.

George B:
Ive attached the file here for everyone.


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