Author Topic: Edmonton, Alberta, Canada anyone?  (Read 2347 times)

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Edmonton, Alberta, Canada anyone?
« on: June 30, 2015, 07:21:06 PM »

Just wondering if there's any other people from Edmonton and surrounding areas and if you have a supporting doctor.
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Re: Edmonton, Alberta, Canada anyone?
« Reply #1 on: June 30, 2015, 10:55:27 PM »
My home town of Edmonton! Welcome to the board, HDixon. How's the new arena coming along? ;)

I've been abroad for about four years now, and I don't have any local suggestions. When I started my TSW in Hong Kong, I luckily had my loving partner to lean on. I broke away from the steroids without consulting a doctor, and had ITSAN to thank on shining the light, but to each their own. The only doctor that I've seen was a naturopath, in month 4, in order to find a way to speed up the healing. They take a look at your overall lifestyle and suggest supplements and diet changes.

In Canada, naturopathy is a registered practice. Perhaps your insurance covers this?

I've given up on finding a magic, instant solution for TSW. I'm basically trying to eat my way back to good health, take a few supplements, and manage the symptoms.

Best of luck in finding a TSW supporting doctor. To have someone on your side in the medical profession will be a huge bonus.
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Re: Edmonton, Alberta, Canada anyone?
« Reply #2 on: July 01, 2015, 02:12:59 AM »
hey sgma - I'm exactly a month behind you. Having a rough day - itch is unbearable and I'm tearing myself up. Still flaring it seems, not as red as early on but still spreading. Just noticed the rash going from my hands to my fingers today. Damn. How are you healing? Man, can't wait to catch a bit of a break. I'm working full-time and due to circumstance can't afford to take time off. Don't think the lack of rest is doing me any benefits. What kind of supplements and diet changes did you make and do you think they worked? I was seeing an ayurvedic doc in the beginning (he convinced me to stop the steroids) but the diet and supplements did nothing to stop the onslaught of TSW taking over my body. Anyway, love your recent posts, keep em coming. Do you have a blog at all?

Sorry to hijack the thread especially on Canada Day  :wink:

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