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Daily Mail article from 2010 about availability of OTC drugs in UK


I was trying to find out who decides what is made available otc in the UK and found this:

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It's 'good' to see that the inclusion of TSs as a bad idea is given some recognition.

I've also found this, supposedly used for deciding whether or not to allow a medication to be otc:

Criteria for Legal Status

Following the requirements of the Medicines Act 1968, the natural status of a medicine is Pharmacy only (P). If the product falls into one or more of the following categories, it will be designated a prescription only medicine (POM).

Could present danger, directly or indirectly, even if used correctly, without medical supervision
Are frequently used incorrectly and could present a danger to human health directly or indirectly
Contain substances, the activity or side effects of which require further investigation
Are normally given by injection.
The other issues taken into account when considering legal status are:
The presence of narcotic or psychotropic substances in non-exempt quantities
The risk of medicinal abuse, possibility of addiction or illegal misuse
Novel substances with properties requiring full investigation
Where the usage is confined to hospitals or for conditions diagnosed in hospitals
Where the use is intended for outpatients but requires specialist/special supervision.

makes you wonder......


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