Author Topic: Looking for a doctor in Toronto area  (Read 3209 times)

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Looking for a doctor in Toronto area
« on: December 07, 2015, 04:59:36 PM »
Hello everyone,

My 15 year old daughter used topical steroids from age 7 on and off. In recent years her eczema got worse and the family doctor had prescribed prednisone. Now she is taking those pills. We are planning a steroid withdrawal for her, and our family doctor is no help. He is only good at prescribing more steroids. Can you please recommend a doctor or practitioner in the Toronto area?

All the best,

Thank you.


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Re: Looking for a doctor in Toronto area
« Reply #1 on: December 13, 2015, 10:24:06 PM »

Hi Janna,

I wish I could recommend a doctor to help you through withdrawal. I'm at 2 1/2 years and have mostly done it on my own (of course with my help from the ITSAN forum!). I've had many bouts of Eczema Herpeticum and my dermatologist diagnosed it right away. He prescribed Acyclovir and gave me repeats on it, so I did make a few visits during my EH outbreaks. He felt that I should have tapered off the TS (was not going to do that), but did say he respected what I was doing…couldn't ask for more than that. He's in the Kingsway area, near Bloor and Royal York. If you'd like more details send me a PM.


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Re: Looking for a doctor in Toronto area
« Reply #2 on: December 22, 2015, 10:29:32 PM »
It's pretty tough to find a supportive doc in Toronto. I spent several years looking for one who believed in TSW, to no avail.

My family doc is excellent and has actually seen several patients with TSW. She prescribes sleeping pills, antihistamines and anti-nerve pain drugs for me to help cope, but cannot prescribe the more potent derm drugs. She's located in the east end of Toronto, near Broadview Station.

My dermatologist is a bit of a jerk but also a bit of a cowboy, so he's willing to prescribe significant immunosuppressants, can connect you to clinical trials (though unfortunately not dupilumab anymore, to my understanding). He does not believe in TSW but will offer other treatment options while you're going through TSW - you just have to kindly but assertively decline the steroids that his residents offer. He's very connected to the research and knows about the other options (biologics, other drugs used in psoriasis that might help with eczema, etc). He's located at Sunnybrook Hospital.

If you'd like their names, feel free to PM me.

Disclaimer: I'm not pursuing TSW anymore, feel free to read my story in the Long Term Vets forum.

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Re: Looking for a doctor in Toronto area
« Reply #3 on: December 23, 2015, 12:24:57 AM »
Hi Janna,

I'm at 35 months with TSW and have mostly have to do it on my own since my family doctor, well meaning keeps pushing for topical steroids. I've gone to 4 dermatologists in the GTA and haven't been able to get any support for monitoring for TSW. Many do not believe in it and told me it's not their job to oversee a patient who refuses their prescribed treatment (steroids). The best advice I can give is if you're willing finding someone at CCNM (Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine) by Leslie and Sheppard, some of the interns backed by established and experienced Naturopaths are more open and able to help with easing the symptoms we experience during withdrawal. My swollen lymph nodes, lack of sleep and adrenal fatigue that came with the withdrawal was eased with their supplements and oversight. If you'd like more information PM me.

Best wishes with your daughter's withdrawal she will heal in time and I have no regrets with my own experience. It's been a tough ride but I've gotten my life back and am in better shape than when I was dependant on steroids.

I have been off all TS since Jan 13 2013 and am now on my healing recovery. I have used TS on and off all my 28 years of life