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Interesting article on steroid resistance


I found aninteresting article  about glucocorticoid resistance in this paper; The Journal of  Allergy and Clinical Immunology from 2003, volume 1 page 3-22.
 The title is "Update on glucocorticoid action and resistance. Its possible to download this paper for free. The article describes the complicated mechanism of action and development of  steroid resistance that probabaly is driven by an activation of the immune system.
 On page 9 they are describing all the diseases where they found a development of glucocorticoid resistance; asthma, chronic sinusitis, rheumatoid arthritis, ulcerative colitis and atopic dermatitis. As many as 30% of patients can develop this condition.
They also describe how to treat the condition with other immunosuppressants  such as cyclosporine.

It seems that this phenomenon is well known in asthma patients since most of the references in the article mention this patientgroup.  But still it is the same immunological mechanism that happens in the body when you apply steroids on the skin.

Hi. Can you post a link?  It sounds very interesting. Thanks!


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